Dad helped me change my air filter after school

My dad is the sweetest especially when it problems his children, and he would go all out and even live through pain for his teenagers if this was possible. Having a reliable and dependable dad shapes your life in a different way, and for instance I had never struggled with anything that dad could handle, however this is not to mean that I have not had my fair share of pain. However, dad has regularly been there whenever Ineed him, and after school, it was time for me to transport out of home. This was both a bitter-sweet moment for us, then while dad was glad for this new chapter of my life, he couldn’t help but worry about how I would adjust… I had gotten a new task in a different state and the fact that he wasn’t going to be there for me upset him a lot, but mom was the stricter one who said I’ll figure it out like my older siblings did. Fortunately for me, my task was perfect. My workmates were ever helpful and I had zero disturbances here, and living alone was difficult at first although I soon got used to the silence. In fact I grew to prefer it. I didn’t miss house too since dad and mom would call me almost daily so it felt like I never left, then one time I came from labor tired only to notice that my apartment was unpleasantly warm. It was summertime and the only thing that made the weather bearable was the AC. The surprising thing was that the a/c ran as usual. I called dad who asked me if I had changed the air filters since arriving four months ago. This had never crossed my mind, and I didnt even know how to do it. He requested me to first visit the local Heating and Air Conditioning store and ask for the right air filters for my AC. I had to take the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment’s details. When I got home, dad walked me through the process of changing the filter as my buddy and I video called and he instructed me. It was pretty simple.


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