I need to stop putting everything off

I really need to stop putting everything off, especially things that make a difference in our indoor air quality. I’ve always been pretty bad at procrastinating, no matter what the issue is. It took me about three years to finally propose to my girlfriend, and then I put off getting married for another two more years after that! Not only do I put off things like that, though. I also procrastinate when it comes to things like home improvements. It took me almost ten years to replace the appliances in the house I live in now. Whenever we first moved in, I was well aware of the fact that we needed to replace both the electric furnace and the central air conditioning system. The owners fully divulged the facts to us about the heating and cooling system in the house and how it needed to be replaced right away. Of course, being the type of guy that I am, I put off calling the HVAC company. I put it off for the first year we lived there, and then I ended up putting it off for two more. I couldn’t believe that I was able to get three more years out of that furnace and air conditioning unit, even after the previous owners had told me how bad it was! I guess the universe was just looking out for an old procrastinator like me. Of course, the indoor air quality in our house during that whole entire time period could not have been much worse. The house always smelled musty and I think that the air quality was probably making me sick a lot.



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