The temperature of the condo is too cold

I believe my wifey might be a crazy woman.

I say that jokingly but, it is strange how she prefers such cold hot plus cold temperatures! She’s the only one I know that prefers to have the hot plus cold temperatures so cold.

I know a lot of ladies like entirely hot hot plus cold temperatures but she’s just the bizarre one out I guess. The wifeys that I had before I met her plus before my fine friend and I were married regularly appreciated one temperature plus they appreciated cuddling in bed, then my wifey is just the opposite, she doesn’t regularly like cuddling because she says it warms her up too much. I do not believe I’ve ever heard of such a thing! Still, it doesn’t entirely matter because my fine friend and I find plenty of other ways to be intimate plus show our affections towards each other, then but I do find it uncorrect that she enjoys to set the control equipment up to 65 degrees; What’s the control equipment set at those settings is the cooling system is constantly pumping out icy cold air. I’ve regularly been fairly tall enough for cold hot plus cold temperatures but that has too cold even for me! So the way I make it work for both of us is as if she can have her cold cooling system plus I cover myself in extra blankets. She had brought up getting a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system with zone control so my fine friend and I can both have the hot plus cold temperatures that my fine friend and I wanted, or getting one of those dual temperature beds but it wasn’t entirely necessary. I believe she was worried about my comfort but I am doing just fine, as long as I have my extra blankets I am glad plus can still get a fine night’s rest.



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