The ice cream store needed a brand modern a/c

I’m honestly a sizable fan of bizarre exotic flavors of ice cream.

When I grew up I got sick of only having the option of chocolate or vanilla when my family would buy it from the store.

I was legitimately amazed the first time I had moose tracks ice cream for instance. It was like stepping into a whole modern world when it came to delicious ice cream treats. Eventually I started trying all sorts of bizarre ice cream flavors whenever I was able to get ice cream from an ice cream shop. No ice cream shops as well as ice cream stores are some of my most favorite places to visit. I can try all sorts of bizarre flavors that are gave in front of me. I have even had lavender ice cream before as well as it was legitimately good. I have made a relationship with the owner of the nearby ice cream shop. However recently the a/c in this ice cream shop was starting to get legitimately bad. I realized right away that the a/c was not adequate for the Summer heat. Thankfully the ice cream shop owner decided to buy a modern a/c as well as had it installed shortly after I observed the issue. I did not want to be the person to tell the ice cream shop owner that the a/c he had in there was insufficient to keep the interior cool enough, but can only imagine how much extra work the freezers had to do to keep the ice cream from melting, problem in this situation is that the ice cream melts when the purchasers are trying to eat it because the interior of the ice cream shop was so hot.

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