The day a portable space heater came out of the blue

I have one more story to write before I take the train to go and meditate in the forest with the dogs. Today is not as hot as other days, so I think me and the dogs will be fine. In the area where I live, we’ve been having heatwaves, and as a consequence, we haven’t been able to do all the things we usually do. Today, my bandmate is worn out, so instead of playing music, I will chill out in the forest instead. The trains are equipped with good-quality cooling systems now, and the scenery is magnificent, so traveling is a pleasant experience. I promised my partner I would search for a HEPA filter online today, but I don’t think I will get round to it. Sometimes it’s best to just let things come to you without any effort. Like when I was stressed about having to get a new portable space heater. I was looking for hours on end and couldn’t decide which model to get. In the end, I gave up searching. Then, it turned out that my father-in-law received a new electric fireplace as a birthday present. He then gave me his portable space heater, as he didn’t need it anymore. These sorts of things have happened to me numerous times and make me wonder if there is more to life than we think. Maybe I should tell my partner this when she nags me to get that HEPA filter. But I don’t think it would work since our indoor air quality is pretty bad and a good-quality air filter is urgently needed.

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