Fixing the furnace myself was a complete disaster

I’ve been in debt for some time, so I wanted to find a way to get above water. A friend told me about this financial coach who was excellent at helping people pull themselves out of debt. At first, I was skeptical he was just another quark out to sell courses, however but, I did my research, and it turns out he is an excellent financial coach. He has years in the finance industry, and all his training was practical. My fantastic friend and I had some one on one sessions via zoom when I subscribed to his classes, and we spoke about reducing my expenses. There was little option of me getting a raise at work, so lowering my expenses would help release funds to start covering debt. One thing I failed to understand was the things I could do without and what was a necessity like heating and cooling services. I pay each year for Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair and repairs. There’s a local heating and AC supplier that has been giving Heating, Ventilation and A/C services for the longest time. I always hire them for heating and cooling, tune up and check up. And they also come in handy for furnace and air conditioning repair. Well, I had an issue with my furnace and I chose not to hire them for the task. I am handy and can fix things, so I convinced myself I could fix a faulty furnace and save that money. That was a disaster and I had to pray I didn’t need a new furnace since it was now completely off, but lowering expenses is crucial, but it’s safer to hire a professional to fix a faulty furnace.

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