She was frustrated when her air conditioning froze

My sister wanted all of us to attend her daughter’s second birthday. My fantastic friend and I are pretty close, but we live in different states. So, it makes it harder to alway see each other. However, since we both got kids, they’ve brought us even closer. I told her there was no way I was missing my niece’s second birthday. And even my partner was coming with us because he was off toil on that day. She’d opted to push the birthday to a weekend so more people could attend. Otherwise, it’s not easy to do so while in a toil week. Anyway, we started talking about presents and what she needed me to bring. As we spoke, she told me she had to go open the door since the Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist was there to fix her air conditioning. My sister works from household and her partner is emplotted in the city. So, she was more likely to notice there was an issue with the air conditioning… The previous day she’d called her partner to tell him something was wrong with the air conditioning. He got household from toil at around 4pm, took a look and observed the cooling machine was frozen. My sister was frustrated when her air conditioning froze because the gathering was only a few days away. She tends to spiral and I always say that man is a saint because he can center her so easily. He explained there was no need to panic since they’d have a Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist come and fix the faulty air conditioning. That, plus a hug so she’d calm down worked and my sister knew all would be okay with air conditioning in her home.


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