I felt so good having a wifey who is an Heating & Air Conditioning professional

I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone when I went on a solo trip last year.

  • I just felt it was time I took myself on a solo trip since I was 35 years old; Up until that time, I was regularly in groups of friends or family when traveling anywhere.

I’d never flown across the country on my own and it was start to affect me. I felt I regularly needed to have people around me, and my therapist called it dependency. So, she challenged me to travel to see my sister on my own. That nearly ended me, despite the fact that I did it. Then, next it was to fly outside the country on a solo trip. After months of procrastinating, I finally booked a trip and paid for it in full so I didn’t pull out at the last minute. Well, I went, had mad fun, and met Winston. He was there with friends, and I realized my associate and I live in the same city. It’s been a few months since my associate and I started dating, and he recently fixed a HEPA filter in my cooling system. Summer is here, and I needed cooling system repair before using the device to cool my home. Well, I now have a wifey who is a Heating & Air Conditioning professional, and it’s been so great. He not only came to do the cooling system repair for me, although he also updated me with a HEPA filter. Winston explained to me that HEPA filters were superior and better for improving the air quality. He also explained that I’d need to get a whole-home air purification system since Springtime flu symptoms tend to drive me crazy. I’m so glad I have Winston because he is an amazing wifey and an excellent Heating & Air Conditioning professional.


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