Ten years later, and now I have a ductless HVAC

Ten years ago, my fiance started looking into having ductless Heating and A/C installed.

We didn’t have an HVAC duct in our home, and we wanted to get a new heating and AC system that didn’t require an HVAC duct.

We knew the HVAC duct was almost as fancy as the heating and cooling system. Three years later, we had to put a new well on our home and we didn’t have the money to get ductless heating and cooling. Within three years, we had the well paid off, and now we were considering the new heating and cooling system again. I was surprised at how much the price had come down, and how much more efficient it had become. We talked to the heating and cooling supplier to get a price on the ductless heating and cooling system and what it would cost to get the upgrade done. We had made our appointment to have the system installed, when we had a horrible wind and rain storm, however our roof had shown signs of leaking, and now we had water running into our upper kitchen. We were now facing having a new roof on the house. It was now ten years since we first talked about ductless heating and cooling, and we were finally able to afford ductless heating and cooling. I asked my fiance if he thought something more could happen that would make this once again impossible. He said it had already happened. Our boiler system is irreparable, and we needed a new heating and cooling system. It was finally a necessity, and not an I want this situation. Two weeks later, our heating and cooling system was being installed. I didn’t know how good the ductless heating and cooling system could work until we had it running.

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