I need a new smart therostat

I knew I needed a new temperature control when I had to change the batteries twice last year. It’s only May, and I am changing the batteries again. I bought new batteries, wondering if my batteries were old and unable to hold a charge for very long. When the batteries were still dying, I knew it was the temperature control. My fiance wasn’t sure if we should get the same temperature control, or a different type. He was talking about Nest temperature controls and smart temperature controls. I thought my digital temperature control was fine, but he wanted to upgrade. I told him to buy a new temperature control that was digital and programmable. It wasn’t like we went somewhere that we needed to keep a watch on the house for more than a few hours. we didn’t have a Google account for the Nest temperature control. I knew I could not talk him out of the smart temperature control if he had a choice. He had listened to our son talk about his smart temperature control, and Michael made it sound like it was the gold standard of temperature controls. I talked to my husband and tried to explain that we didn’t need anything as elaborate as a smart temperature control. It wasn’t until Michael told him he traveled a lot for work, which is why he wanted the smart temperature control, that he considered buying one. My husband shrugged and said he guessed he would just get the boring digital, programmable temperature control. He ordered the temperature control through the HVAC supplier instead of buying one at the home center, but at least he bought a new temperature control.
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