Three HVAC techs later and the ac is still broken

I knew there was something wrong with the air conditioner unit even before I had the HVAC serviceman do the inspection, but he told me he had to order the parts, which I was perfectly fine with.

  • He said he would order the A/C parts, and the next week he would come back and install them, but when he installed the new parts, the air conditioner still didn’t work.

He seemed surprised the A/C was still broken, He told me he was going to have a colleague come look at the air conditioner unit, then I asked if I was going to need to spend any extra money, but he said it would all be part of the original service call, the second Heating and A/C serviceman arrived and he said I needed a fan motor. They ordered the fan motor and returned the next afternoon to install it. The fan motor worked, although I still wasn’t getting good air conditioner. They both looked lost and wanted to call another heating and ac serviceman. I told them if the air conditioner wasn’t repaired this time. I was going to hire another HVAC supplier and I would contact the owner of their heating and cooling corporation. The third heating and ac serviceman arrived and hit the reset switch. Within seconds the air conditioner unit was running and there was cool air coming from the air vent. When the first heating and ac serviceman turned off the power, he forgot to hit the reset switch. I wasn’t happy when they tried to make me pay for three Heating, and A/C technicians and all those parts, when the reset switch hadn’t been touched.
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