The roofing supplier was tackling a roof repair

My parents and I were going to spend the summer at Uncle James’ house.

He had just returned to the US, and my friend and I were thrilled that she was here.

Uncle James had sold her corporation, and she was now looking for a new chapter in her life. Dad and dad had him live with us for a month while she thought about where she wanted to settle. She learned about this incredible lakefront property for sale while she was staying with us. It was a little sad to see him go, and the lake property is in a strange state. But this also meant that my friend and I had a new summer destination because it was a freaking lake house. Although I had seen pictures of the lake house, I knew that experiencing it in person was preferable. Uncle James informed my dad that she planned to make some updates and hire a general dealer before my friend and I left for the trip. They were experts at remodeling such homes’ bathrooms, kitchens, and other rooms. A roofing dealer was the next woman to call after the general supplier, who also did a fantastic job. Uncle Mike had his roof inspected, and the roofing contractor advised him to get roof repair. Given that it was still in good condition, this would be much less expensive than removing the stone roof. The roof repair was in progress when my friend and I arrived, and it was finished the following day. Both my dad and I were awestruck by the lake house. Dad was unsure because she dislikes large bodies of water a lot.

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