They were proceeding with stone roof removal

Before the summer was over, Oliver had to decide what to do about her roof. Winter arrives early in her region, and she needs to finish the tasks at hand before then, but Oliver made the decision to leave the town and move to a farm a few years ago. She could raise animals there and brave the neighborhood to get to and from work every day! Oliver bought a 20-acre farm in a rural area and some chickens despite the fact that she would have preferred to spend her two hours in her car instead of living in a soulless house. She believed it would be best for him to begin with a rooster and nine hens so he could learn what it takes to manage a small farm. When the flock grew larger, she might start selling some of the eggs in addition to using them for her lunch. Oliver had to replace the stone roofing despite the excellent condition of the farm property. Oliver considered hiring a roofing company to install shingles even though she wasn’t a big fan of stone roofing and the tiles were even crumbling. Oliver gave it a lot of thought, but time wasn’t on her side because every other property in the neighborhood had tiles, which made her feel a little sad for deviating from the norm. She consequently made the decision to discuss the removal of the stone roof and its replacement with shingles with a roofing supplier. Oliver was shocked to learn that her house’s shingle roofing was not problematic. Although people initially had access to stone roofing and chose that, there is nothing wrong with shingles. Oliver was prepared for the upcoming winter after the residential roofing was finished in about a week.



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