He chose to tackle the roof as well as siding

Next week, roofers will arrive to detach the old roof

My fiance and I have been working tirelessly to improve our current lake house. Two years ago, my coworker and I were fortunate to secure the best deal on this lake property. During this time, my friend and I were searching for a home to purchase. However, my friend and I never imagined that our first condominium would be a lake house. Our real estate agent suggested that my friend and I drive around the lake area and explore the surrounding communities. This occurred after my friend and I expressed our desire to one day reside in a lake house. Surprisingly, there was a two-bedroom lake property for sale in our community that was within our price range. My friend and I were initially concerned that it was defective due to its low price, but this was not the case. The owner required cash immediately, and this was her fourth residence. Anyway, my friend and I bought the lake property, and now we’re stressed about making odd improvements. Recently, my fiance decided to begin working on the roof and siding of the lake house. My colleague and I hired a local roofing company to handle the roof and advise us on the best course of action. The roofing company was objective about the damage to the roof, and he explained the pros and cons of roof repair. After some deliberation, my friend and I decided to replace the roof and siding of the lake house. Next week, roofers will arrive to detach the old roof. In addition, my coworker and I have a siding supplier coming to inspect our home and make recommendations. After repairing the roof and siding, the deck will be repaired to further enhance the exterior’s appearance.

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