I was putting HVAC ads in the newspaper.

I am only thirty years old, but I own an HVAC company.

When I first opened the company, my mother asked me how old I was? I looked at her and told her I was her first-born son, so she knew the answer. She wanted to know why I was trying to do business like an eighty year old. I thought she was losing it, but I asked her what she was talking about, and not so nicely. She told me that no one put ads in the newspaper unless you were having a yard sale, trying to sell junk, or letting people know you were dead. I chuckled, but I still disagreed with her. She couldn’t believe I was so old-fashioned. I told her I was doing my best to get my HVAC company recognized. She folded her arms and asked if I wasn’t sure I was doing my best to get the HVAC company bankrupt. She was being unfair, but I knew she was right. When she told me to go on the computer and look for an online marketing company, I shuddered. She told me I was one of those people who grew up with computers and I should learn how to use it. If I wanted my HVAC company to flourish, I would need to go online and utilize social media for more than reading jokes or new recipes. I knew she was right, so I kissed her cheek and told her I would get my wife online when I got home, and have her do some research on marketing companies with HVAC experts.