I wasn't paying for everyone to get a pedicure

My niece got married a while ago and then she went to a ceremony party.

I let my sister as well as myself invite ourselves to go to the party when there was a function. The two of us help pick out some ceremony dresses as well as going to the site and the only real thing that we noticed was the fact that everyone was going to be getting a special that morning. The people I was with as well as myself we’re going to get some Services because someone else was paying. Of course my sister wanted to chop up a blood vessel because she was annoyed. She brought everyone along so there was extra people to pay for services that everyone had. I wasn’t an advocate for the devil as well as said that there was a credit card I had and all of us could get some stuff done as well as leave before people were finished. My sister has a credit card of her own as well as can help people pay for the same services. My sister smiled as well as wanted to know if that was really something I plan to do as well as I told her that it absolutely was on the top of my mind. The two of us smiled as well as nodded. Less than an hour later, my friend as well as myself had our manicures, facials, as well as pedicures completed. The two of us left shortly after we were done so that we didn’t have to pay for anything that was not our own.



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