Security during changes

I own many rental properties located all around the local area… Some of them are buildings featuring many apartments as well as others are single-family homes… Whenever the occupants transport out, there are constantly considerable renovation as well as repairs that need to be completed before I can bring in up-to-date renters.

About a year ago, I started work on one of the single-family properties, i needed to put down up-to-date floors, update some of the windows as well as update the family room as well as bathroom.

I think that there are people who watch for properties that are vacated, then they take the opportunity to break-in as well as steal whatever is available. The washer, dryer as well as some of my construction materials were taken from the dwelling within a week after the former occupants moved out. I am thankful that the appliances were quite old as well as there was only a small amount of materials on the premises. The thieves even stole the garden hose, because of this, I invested into a home security system for the rental property. I included motion-activated security lights all the way around the perimeter of the property. I added surveillance cameras, automated door locks as well as glass breakage sensors. Along with access to real-time video footage by way of my smartphone, I acquired alerts if anyone entered the property. If they attempted to enter without punching in the typical code, an harshly loud alarm would have gone off. I feel the biggest deterrent to a break-in was the signs indicating a security system located in the front yard. I am gradually adding security systems to every dwelling I own for the protection of the dwelling as well as safety of the renters.


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