He asked the HVAC expert to help change his air filters

Drew is a lovely old man who lives in our area.

He always comes out when it’s nice outside, and goes around saying hello to everyone.

I remember when we were new to the area. We met Drew when he dropped some oranges from his trees to our door. We were busy unpacking and heard a knock at the door. My partner went to open it, and saw this lovely old man smiling up at him. My partner is six feet tall, so Drew had to look up to say hello. Then, I joined him at the door, and we both asked Drew to come in. He gave us the oranges, and we got some juice from the fridge to serve him. The house was a mess, and the kids were running around, but Drew didn’t mind. After introductions, he told us a bit about himself and also some advice about the area, then he left. From that day, he always comes over to say hello, and we make sure to visit him when we can. The other day, I was on my way to work and wanted to drop some cookies for Drew. When I arrived at his driveway, I saw an HVAC van there, and wondered if he was having an issue with his air conditioner. It’s summer and everyone was using their air conditioners to stay cool. I knocked on his door and Drew came to answer. He received the cookies and explained he wanted the HVAC expert to help change his air filters. Drew used to change the air filters himself, but now he lets the HVAC expert handle that since he is getting older.

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