The cooling system was no joke

I’ve been to several comedy shows in our state and neighboring areas.

It’s so much better for my friends and I to go drinking and have a good laugh than just heading to the club.

Now there’s nothing wrong with going to the club, however it’s better to go to a comedy show, have a good laugh, and feel the stress of life lifted from your spirit. One issue I have with such comedy clubs is their air conditioning, or lack of it. Some intentional clubs have the air conditioning running at full blast, and this turns the room into a freezer. People have their coats on, and those who came without coats sit there shivering. I once had a guy yell that they turn off the air conditioning in the middle of a set at a comedy club out of town. Other patrons agreed with him, and the management turned down the air conditioning. In other areas it’s completely opposite, they have the air conditioning off and the arena feels like a furnace. We all sit there perspiring until it becomes unbearable. In one place, folks started walking out and the comedian had to stop and ask why they were leaving. He was also dripping sweat, so the management turned on the air conditioning. The last comedy show I attended with my friends was the best one yet. And they had the cooling system working well the entire time. I know it’s because of the effective cooling system that we were all laughing and falling out of our seats. No matter how funny the comedian is, it’s hard to enjoy the show if the cooling system settings are off.


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