The clog messed up the cooling unit

It had been such an amazing vacation, and we were excited to have found time to get away from the crazy city.

My partner and I have these friends who own a cottage in the mountains and they charge for folks to stay there as a vacation rental type of arrangement.

When we were thinking about where we wanted to go, we asked if the cottage was available. To be honest, they always have full bookings for most of the year no matter the season, but this time we were blessed. A couple had canceled their two week vacation and they said we could take the slot. That was exactly what we needed; to spend time in a serene location with amazing air quality. Then it was over and it was time to get back home and to work. When we arrived, we noticed our cooling system had failed and it was still August. So, we couldn’t ignore fixing the faulty cooling system until later. The best option was to contact a good heating and cooling business for assistance. They sent a cooling expert to our house to inspect and repair the faulty cooling system, and come to find out a clogged drain line had caused the cooling system to fail. The cooling expert took her time removing all the algae, and also cleaned the cooling system. She also went ahead and replaced the HEPA air filter and our unit was back to normal in no time. We have plans to replace the heating and cooling system in our home, however that’s not going to be this year. That’s why we were excited that the heating expert managed to repair our faulty cooling system.
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