I turned my air con on early

It’s been such a beautiful year for my business and I can say I’m absolutely grateful.

For the longest time, I enjoyed plants and wanted to open a plant shop.

However, my parents insisted that it was more of a hobby. In our family, mom and dad sort of bully us into the works they guess are perfect for us. So, this is how I found myself in finance and working in an office in the city. I know many people would enjoy the task and the pay wasn’t bad at all. But, I typically felt drained walking into the skyscraper every day. Then, the pandemic hit, and I found myself working from home. With so much time on my hands, I decided to work on my neglected garden. I also had a sunroom set up, and got many houseplants. That rekindled my enjoyment for plants and my idea for a plant store. Many people enjoyed the pictures I was taking of my house and garden plants, and I was soon selling them. When it was time to go back to the office, I quit, moved my plants to a shop, and began my business. Last Springtime, I had to turn on my A/C early at home since it was getting hotter every day. I still have plants in my sunroom, and also in my plant shop in the village. When it gets too hot, I find it better to turn on the A/C and regulate the temperatures in my home. That way, my plants can grow and thrive. I also adjust the temperature settings on the thermostat in my plant shop for the same effect.


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