Grateful to live in a country where A/C is widely used

I recently started watching a show called 90 day fiance where people from the US meet their partners online or when traveling abroad and end up falling in love with people from other countries.

The couples then go through a process to obtain a fiance visa so their partners from other countries can live in the United States of America with them and obtain a green card.

There is one couple on the show that particularly stands out to me. The male, Ed, is in his 50’s and the female, Rose is 23. She lives in a very poor country and the show recorded Ed’s trip to visit her. When Ed first arrived in her country they stayed in an air conditioned hotel. It was very hot and humid there and Rose stated she had never stayed in a hotel that was so nice before. When they went to Rose’s home to meet her family, there was no air conditioning. She lives in a very poor area and there aren’t even showers or sinks in people’s homes. The village has many stores but none of them have air conditioning. People bathe with buckets of water. She has a fan in her room but it started raining and the power went out so there was no air circulation at all. It would make sense that Rose would want to use Ed as a way to live in the United States where there is air conditioning available in most homes, stores and restaurants. Ed makes a decent amount of money so Rose would definitely get to live in a home with central heating and air conditioning. Watching this show made me very grateful to live in a country where air conditioning is widely used in homes and in public places.


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