The fireplace in the lobby

I was recently staying at this very high class hotel while away on business.

The company in which I work for had paid for everything as I would never be able to personally afford the hotel of this type! But anyhow, the one thing that was really impressive about this hotel is the fact that they had this real great and upscale fireplace in the lobby area! I had never seen a hotel before that had a fireplace in the lobby like this.

I would actually enjoy going down to the lobby and relaxing right by this huge fireplace they had. It was rather cold while I was away, so this helped me feel great and warmed up from the heating coming from this massive fireplace that was in the hotel lobby where I was staying while I was on a business trip recently. Words can not describe this fireplace. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before in my whole full entire lifetime! The fireplace looked as if it was a real authentic fireplace because there was actual fire. It was for sure not a gas or electric fake fireplace. That is for certain. I guess these type of fireplaces could be considered industrial or commercial fireplaces like a commercial heating and air conditioning system unit possibly? I really have no clue or idea in the whole wide world about what type or kind of fireplace this thing was, but all I know is it was the most awesome fireplace I ever had experienced and I wish I could have something like this one in my home! That is how wonderful and unique it was.

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