My portable space heater didn’t work anymore

I pulled out my portable space heater the other day as my bedroom was a little chilly even with the central heating and air conditioning system’s heater running.

And my portable space heater did not work anymore.

I am not sure what had happened as I have not used it in a few months, and when I did use it before everything was great and fine with it. I did not even understand it one bit. But because I did still want a portable space heater I decided to just go out to the store and buy a new portable space heater. They had them on sale for cheaper than they usually are, so I guess I made out ok. The new portable space heater that I bought was the same as the old one that had just broken down. So I was good with all. However it still boggles the mind on what possibly could have happened to make the original portable space heater not work anymore when I did not even use it or anything like that. It just sat in the closet for months untouched, so I really can not see what could have possibly happened to the portable space heater. But it is all good and fine now because I picked up a brand new and up to date portable space heater of the same exact kind for a little cheaper than what I paid for the original portable space heater that does not work any longer. I hope this portable space heater that I bought will last me for a while without not working anymore.



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