HVAC tech recommended full ductwork upgradement

A year ago, our routine HVAC cabin services heating repair was done just before winter.

  • The HVAC tech recommended replacing the worn-out ductwork if we wanted to save on energy plus avoid future heating repair because there were evident wear plus tear on the ducts.

I wondered why we couldn’t do duct sealing like we had done before in a previous heating device servicing visit. The HVAC serviceman mentioned that given that the sealant had not held on well plus there were new tears, the only long-term solution would be a upgradement. It’s wild that the ducts were getting worn out, yet the boiler was still easily functional, but we were told that we installed a poor-quality duct according to the heating industry standards. My pal and I had bought the cabin when it was already done, so we had no way of ensuring that everything installed was top quality, but thankfully, the quality problems only seemed to affect one part of the heating technology. I hoped fixing the duct issue would offer a permanent solution because the heating contractor expert had a point, doing repairs by sealing every season was not working, plus we needed to stop thinking about the issue permanently or at least for a while longer. I did not need a second opinion because the specialist was reputable, plus I haven’t had reasons to doubt their recommendations. My pal and I also needed to upgrade the digital control unit, which had trouble self-regulating. During a random banter with the specialist, he told me we were great candidates for the heat pump plus provided information about it. I am considering it not only because it saves me the trouble of ducts but also seems more energy efficient, despite the fact that I need to research more about it before making final decisions.


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