DIY duct sealing gone wrong

Our Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech taught us many heating maintenance activities my associate and I could do ourselves.

This has constantly saved us money my associate and I spend on household services with the local heating dealer.

So, in my search for more budget-friendly solutions, I came across a guide on how to maintenance the air duct problems independently. It listed what I needed to do to see if any problems could be fixed through duct sealing. I did the inspection, thinking how much of a self-qualified Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman I was, when I found the cracks that would need to be sealed. My first mistake was thinking I could seal them with duct tape. I did not even go to the local heating industry expert for advice on what to use, as well as I followed random online advice. It was one thing checking the function of a digital control component as well as another to guess I was a heating unit expert. The sealing did not work. The heating technology expert came around to maintenance the boiler as well as heat pump, as well as I mentioned what I had done. I was super proud of myself… He gave to do a text to check if what I did was effective. It failed the test, I missed some spots, as well as the tape wasn’t holding on as firmly as I thought. I had to spend money more for the heating maintenance because the specialist had to unaffix the tape I had put over the ducts as well as try to maintenance it as it should have been done without causing further detriment. That marked the end of my trying to do any repairs for myself, no matter how financially enticing they sounded. I am lucky I did not guess of handling the entire heating technology repairs for myself because the detriment would have been expansive as well as luxurious.

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