Running the air conditioning machine sooner than later

I’ve finally decided to quit looking at the stock price from my EV company because each time I look at it I just feel sad and depressed.

I obtained it at 95 cents a share as well as now it is down to 22 cents as well as dropping.

I suppose I should just forget about it for a year or two as well as then look at it when the company is actually producing as well as selling all types of cars, which I feel is going to happen eventually but not for a while. It could take them as long as seven years to really become a force, but if it happens I’ll be set. Heating as well as cooling machine repairs are on the radar now as the warmer season approaches as well as the temps start to heat up a fair amount. I will be tied up this boiling season playing lots of gigs in bars as well as playing lots of volleyball on the beach. I really just hope my Heating as well as A/C machine rep boss can keep me tied up with the heating machine repairs as well as that my body holds out enough to be able to do the work that is needed. I know I need to slow down when it comes to drinking so much corona each afternoon because it is making me exhausted as well as making it fairly tough to work these days. Of course, Summer here is known for lots of corona drinking on the beach. Possibly I need to transport to a temperature controlled cottage out in the woods somewhere for the Summer as well as let my body rest while I take it easy inside as well as enjoy some air conditioning as well as peace. There is a part of me that wants to keep going as well as pushing myself to a certain extent, while another part of me is telling me to rest for awhile.

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