Music by a fireplace on the beach later

I just got invited to a birthday party on the beach later for my friend who hits 44 on the 4th of the 4th month, and the party’s at, wait for it…4:44 pm today.

I am going to bring my sound system and drum and a guitar player is joining us so it should be a good time.

I will invite this pretty blonde Spanish lady if I see her today, but first I need to talk myself into asking her to come with us. I’ve seen her a lot at this local business when I pass and didn’t feel anything, but after doing a music set next door for this local contractor she seems to be more interested in me, or maybe I am just delusional but I need to give myself some credit. I think she is about 40 years old, which goes well with our four themed party tonight, so she is in the realm of my age of 55 I guess. I work near her at the HVAC company and thought she was married but apparently not, so maybe I’ll go clean her HVAC system for free so that I can try to talk some with her. The reason I say try to talk with her is that she doesn’t speak any English and my Spanish is pretty bad, but maybe she would be willing to teach me some and help me out. I’ve been out of the dating pool for over a year and don’t want to wait too long or I’ll be an old man living alone with two black cats!

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