Sometimes I need something like a fan to drown out mental noise while falling asleep

I have been stressed more now than I ever have before and it’s affecting my sleep on a daily basis. My parents were recently in a disastrous car accident on their way to the grocery store on a random afternoon earlier this year. Thankfully they survived, but not before being taken to a trauma center via a helicopter. Their car was completely destroyed, so it’s a miracle they even survived. Unfortunately, they spent weeks in the intensive care unit and now they’re both staying in an assisted living facility temporarily while they go through rehab and physical therapy. They’re both improving, but I worry about them constantly. I think about them when I wake up in the morning and I fret about them at night when I’m desperately trying to fall asleep. I started taking safe sleeping aids like benadryl and valerian root, but even these medications were not enough all on their own. Thankfully I found my old box fan that I purchased when my air conditioner died on me two years ago. I had been using it to help circulate whatever minimal breeze I could get into my windows here at home. I found that I could fall asleep much more easily if I put the fan on high inside my bedroom so I could drown out both physical and mental noise. Now that I have this fan to couple with my benadryl, falling asleep has improved slightly. I’m just happy that things aren’t as dire as they once were. I hope in time my parents recover to whatever extent they can. I would hate to see both of them spending their final days in a cramped assisted living facility.

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