Olivia and her twin brother are heating and cooling workers

Olivia and her twin brother Duke have always been close.

Well, you kind of have to be really close considering you are the only children, and are twins. Some twins chose to live separate lives, while still remaining close. But, from a young age, Olivia and Duke have loved to do what the other wants and likes. If Olivia wants to go to the park, Duke would want the same. If Duke didn’t want any vegetables with his meals, Olivia would also push them away. This behavior totally drove their parents nuts, however it was also how they kept one another company growing up. In school, they hang out together with other friends. But, they never split off into strange neighbor groups. In high school, Duke announced that he wanted to become a heating and cooling worker like their Grandfather. Olivia had also been wondering what to become after high school, and this is how she made up her mind. Since Duke finally wanted to become a heating and cooling worker, she’d also do the same. Their parents knew better than to try and convince them otherwise, so they let them attend heating, ventilation, and A/C school in their hometown. Later, they both absolutely graduated and managed to get their heating, ventilation, and A/C certification. For the first time, they found themselves working for strange companies, however at least they shared the same profession and saw each other on the regular. Working as heating and cooling workers is turning out to be a good gig and they both have no regrets choosing to go to heating, ventilation, and A/C school.

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