She is not going to lose her fantastic indoor air quality

Mel has realized something is wrong.

There seems to be a shortage of HEPA filters.

Mel doesn’t know if it’s just in her town or if it’s in numerous areas as well, but she is having a really taxing time finding HEPA filters for sale now. It wasn’t like this only a few weeks ago, because Mel likes to have excellent indoor air quality and she wants only the best of the best indoor air quality. She is really certain about her indoor quality, which means Mel is also really certain about her filters that she used to maintain set indoor quality. It is for this reason that she will only use HEPA filters and not any other, but what do you do when all the local heating and air conditioning companies are not carrying these filters? When Mel went down to her number one heating and A/C business, she saw that they didn’t have the air filters. They constantly have an entire basket full of them. Mel decided to ask the heating and A/C business owner what was going on and he explained to me that there was something going on with the manufacturer and nobody absolutely knows for sure exactly what the issue is. All she knows is all that they’re getting is estimates for when they’re supposed to be getting shipments of these filters in but no one knows for sure when they’re really going to arrive. Mel thinks until then she is going to have to go back to using disposable filters. In the meantime, she is going to be using a sustaining air cleaner to maintain her indoor air quality. She is not going to lose her enjoyable indoor air quality.


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