Sealing all the drafts in my home

I’m not sure what’s going on my home but I’ve had a serious problem with having drafts in my house I used to not have any issues with drafts at all so I’m starting to think that it’s just an age thing I know that as my home gets older it’s going to develop more places in it that need to be repaired and worked on.

Sometimes I’ll have it or I’ll be sitting on the couch and then I’ll feel it for only a few seconds but I can clearly feel a draft coming in through somewhere in the house.

I also have one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. There’s also one in the downstairs bathroom. I know that if I’m going to seal these drafts, I’m going to have some serious work to do. Because I don’t know where they’re coming from so I’m going to have to go on an Easter egg hunt hunting for the places where air is escaping. I decided to dedicate such a task to this weekend. When Saturday came around I didn’t waste any time looking and after several hours I did find all the drafts and then I carefully resealed them. Now I don’t have my wonderful cool air for my air conditioning system that was keeping my house cool escaping to the outside anymore. It was no wonder that my air conditioning system was struggling too keep the house cool, all the cool air was escaping! However now that these areas have been filled in that shouldn’t be an issue anymore.


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