My cooling company is sadly shutting down

It is strenuous to think that after 15 years, my cooling company is shutting down. I knew this morning was going to come, as well as if I really wanted to, I could keep my air conditioning system business going for another 5-10 years, but I don’t really want to. You see, my air conditioner business is a family owned as well as operated company. I have been running the business for the past 15 years, as well as when I asked my kid as well as kid if they would be interested in running the air conditioning system company when I was done as well as close to retiring, neither of them seemed actually interested. Since I don’t really even want to sell the company to anyone else, I am just going to close it down as well as retire peacefully. It is hard, because right now this local heating as well as A/C company is one of the best in the area. But I wouldn’t like to sell it as well as potentially have someone ruin our good name. A lot of heating as well as A/C companies have greatly increased their prices to where it is strenuous for customers to afford. My business has not increased its prices at all, I wanted to make sure all customers could still afford to get high quality heating as well as A/C as well as not have to worry. That has been my main focus from the very start, ensuring all the people have a choice to have quality heating as well as cooling. That is why I don’t really want to sell my business, because if I do, someone else would most likely increase the prices like all of the other air conditioning system companies, as well as I just don’t want to see people struggle. I am still going to offer heating as well as A/C services every now and then, but on my own time, more as an independent heating as well as A/C worker.


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