My husband is insisting that we have a fireplace in our new house

We are getting ready to move out of our starter house, which we have been living in for the past four years since we got married.

I’ve always really liked this house, but my husband has been ready to move out for a while now.

He says that it’s just way too small for us now that we are ready to start a family. I guess he’s right, but I will definitely miss it, especially since we just got the heating and cooling system set up just the way that we wanted it. When we moved in, there was a really old furnace system and the central air conditioning was absolutely horrible. We never even tried to run the thing because you could tell by looking at it that it was old and probably even dangerous to try and use! So we ended up having our local heating and cooling company come to the house and install a brand new, state of the art, high efficiency furnace and air conditioning system for us. Best of all, they also installed a new smart thermostat system for us, too. I absolutely love the smart thermostat unit and the way I can adjust the temperature from wherever I am, as long as I’m connected to wifi. So once we move, we are going to have to do some HVAC remodeling on our new house, I’m sure. The other thing my husband insists on is making sure that our new house has a fireplace in it. The house we are living in right now doesn’t have one, and he has been wishing for a gas fireplace for years now. I don’t care very much about that, but I definitely want to put a smart thermostat unit in the new house !


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