An unlikely HVAC contractor and even more unlikely employee

An ancient Chevy so ancient that I was impressed it was still running with not less than three dents that I could see from a distance.

The driver drove as she searched for a place to park as well as found one next to my car.

I cringed as she barely missed my bumper as well as pulled into the space crookedly. Whoever that lady was, she needed to stay far from my car or off the road entirely. I glanced at my watch again; the HVAC contractor was ten minutes late. Ten more minutes, as well as then I would call the HVAC company as well as supply them an earful. I was holding an investors meeting, as well as everything was going smoothly, especially not the cooling system in the dead of summer. I was unsure if the manager was telling the truth when she called the cooling company to schedule quality A/C service since nobody dared to be late if I asked for their services, and my PA came in to tell me that the cooling specialist was working on the electric heat pump. I told her to ensure the cooling specialist changed the air conditioning filter. I could now relax since the cooling component was the only thing pending, however someone would have lost their job if the investors had arrived only to find that our temperature control component needed to be fixed. How could they trust us with their money if my associate and I could not handle our cooling technology? Half an hour later, the incompetent driver walked into my office to tell me she had taken care of the component as well as help with indoor comfort was restored. I just stared, which she took as a cue to explain what was wrong with the HVAC upgrade. The local service provider took my shock as a yellow light to tell me more about air conditioning.

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