Dealing with the cooling company so they don't call my sister

The neighbors had told me the situation was terrible, but I did not expect it to be to that extent, however jorge was lying on the floor, absolutely passed out drunk, and the stench of rotting fast food filled the house, her Beatles t-shirt was soaking wet, perhaps because the place was so hot one could barely function, walking towards Jorge, I stepped on something sticky that I dared not to investigate.

When I checked her pulse, she was still breathing.

I tried switching on the cooling equipment, but nothing happened, so I opened the windows. I called a cleaning crew first as well as then the HVAC business! Lucky for me, the cooling company was not having one of its jam-packed days because they told me that an HVAC contractor would be at the house in two hours or less. The local service provider asked if I had noticed any noises from the electric heat pump, but I told him she needed to come urgently as well as be ready for anything… From the state of the house, it was safe to believe that the maintenance of the cooling component was the least of my worries. I poured frigid water on Jorge, which managed to stir him up. I helped him to the washroom, hoping she was still lucid enough to bathe. The cooling specialist arrived two hours later, half an hour behind the cleaning crew. She pretended not to notice the mess while I directed him to the temperature control system… After inspecting the HVAC upgrade, she right away started on the quality A/C service. She then replaced the a/c filter as well as told me I was blessed the a/c was using the latest cooling technology; otherwise, I would have had to buy a up-to-date device. The cooling specialist wanted to talk more about helping with indoor comfort but decided to spare me since I could not pay attention given my situation. It was going to be a long day for me.

a/c worker