Falling into the window air conditioner

Life has been tough this summer.

I should’ve known better than starting a roofing company a few years back there will be times when I might be working 60 plus hours a week.

It is excruciating because I’m in the sun all day long and it’s put a toll on my body. I work so much that my sleep is very minimal. I’m slightly scared that I will fall off a roof someday and that’s it, I’m dead. I drink far too much coffee and my family only sees a portion of it. I think I down about 8 coffees a day. So if I don’t fall off a roof then maybe I’ll have a heart attack because of all of this. I know this is an unsafe amount I’m drinking but I need to keep pushing forward until I get more roofers to work for me. It’s hard to find good people that you can trust to do the job correctly. My family sees the exhaustion that I have and there is nothing I can do to hide it. Yesterday I had a scary moment. I got all fuzzy in my head and blacked out. I woke up early today and they said I slammed my face into the window air conditioner. I was a little out of it because of the medication but they said I had a little concussion and they are just keeping me at the hospital until the doctor says it’s ok to leave. My son told me that our neighbor, John, the HVAC technician is taking care of the window air conditioner because I guess I hit it so hard it fell out of the window. I’m glad we live next to someone who works for the HVAC company but I need to get more roofers so this doesn’t happen again.

a/c representative