My heater is too powerful

My portable space heater that I have is nice, but it is just simply too powerful to be honest.

So when I have it on at night when I am sleeping I have to set the thermostat of it at a lower level so it doesn’t make me die of heat stroke! That is how powerful it is.

I had thought about returning the portable space heater because of this. However, I had bought it on sale and if I returned it I would either have to forfeit having a portable space heater or I would have to get a replacement that cost almost double what I paid for this. So I decided to keep it instead and just deal with the super powerful heating that it gave off. Because it does work and it works well if you just keep all of that in mind and just make sure that the thermostat is set at a certain place. It works for me just fine now after doing all of the adjusting to it. I actually put some tape on it with notes and markings as to what temperature it will really make the room when I set it at a certain spot. That is my experience and how I handle this overly too powerful portable space heater that I had bought. Other space heaters would not be this way I am sure. I just bought a portable space heater that happens to be overpowerful in today’s heating and air conditioning market. It is all good though and to be perfectly honest I am happy about having such a powerful portable space heater.

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