While traveling to the HVAC company, I got lost

I wanted a house emergency backup plan.

I had to drive to the nearby heating and cooling business that had recently moved into the area.

I was planning on visiting them to purchase some portable heating and cooling equipment. I requested directions because I was unsure of their exact location. But I wound up getting lost! They were in a place I had never been before, so I couldn’t believe I had ever been there. You see, I’ve only lived here for about 10 months, so I didn’t know everything at the time. To cut a very long story short, I wound up taking a lot of extra-long roads that weren’t necessary, but after about an hour of going out of my way, I finally arrived at this new heating and air conditioning business that sold the portable space heaters and portable air conditioning systems that I was going to purchase! It would have taken me just 14 minutes to get there from my house if I hadn’t gotten lost along the way. So by getting lost the way I did, I was well off my intended course. The next time I want to go directly to this new heating and air conditioning company, I will be able to get there without any problems because at least now I know how to get there and back. When I have clear directions, I rarely get lost, but for some reason, the ones this heating and air conditioning company gave me were just not clear enough for me, so I did end up getting lost.

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