I wish my neighbor would upgrade his A/C system

The residence that I just moved into has a good amount of positives and drawbacks all throughout.

If I had to get started with the good things, I’d say that the view out the back is entirely beautiful.

Even though I’m on the first floor, there is a sizable lake behind our complex that is home to several odd species of birds, fish, otters, and other woodland creatures. The only other positive that actually comes to mind is the amazing price I paid to get the unit. Woefully, this locale is in various ways in full disrepair. There was considerable disfigurement to the drywall in several odd locales. I had to fill the holes and refinish the surface before adding a brand new coat of paint. Then I ripped up all of the old and nasty carpeting from the 1970s and threw it all into the dumpster outside. I had boxes of laminate flooring ready to install that I found on clearance at a local hardware store. These were setbacks that I was able to control; the worst aspects are the things beyond my control. The noise I hear from above everyday is truly daunting, and the noise in our actual room from our neighbor’s Heating and A/C condenser. Alas, both of our condensers are right along the wall that separates our room from the back of the residence. The window a few feet down on the same wall lets in a bunch of the noise, especially during the night hours. Some Heating and A/C condenser units aren’t especially loud, while some older machines might make lots of noise as their fans oscillate. I wish they would substitute their a/c machine already, because our condenser is almost twice as immense however is merely half as loud by comparison.

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