Standing air purifiers fixed the problem I had

When I was looking to clean my indoor air quality I knew that I would need something that could do the job efficiently.

I didn’t know where I would start though.

I didn’t know how to take care of my under air quality property but I did know someone that did. That someone was my friend Jamie who was a heating and AC worker. He’d been working in the HVAC industry for about 15 years now and he’s excellent at what he does. Normally I don’t have too many issues with my indoor air quality as I keep my AC and heating system in good condition however, I’ve had a really dusty summer and it’s obviously affecting my indoor air quality son. I asked my friend what he thinks that I should do during a phone conversation to help my heating and AC system. He told me this is a very simple solution and informed me that I have plenty of options available that I could choose from. The first option that I had was he told me that I could go and I could get a HEPA filter. He told me how these worked and the benefits of them, then he told me that I can get some stand in your purifiers, he said if I’m having a bad indoor air quality I should probably have more than one throughout the house and so I decided to heat his advice and instead of going with the HEPA filter inside to get the standing air purifiers. I bought three of them and put one in the living room, one in my bedroom, and one in the kitchen. Those were the areas that I was having it the worst and would you believe that was only a week you couldn’t even tell that I’d ever had bad indoor air quality to begin with! It worked like a charm.
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