Whole-home air purifiers will be normal

I truly wish that I could afford to get a whole home air purification gadget for my home, but they are just so darn pricey! Only rich folks can afford these things, unless you are lucky enough to find a heating and a/c provider that has a heating and cooling payment plan, which would also cover whole home media air cleaners.

I unfortunately do not have this option in my local area, however I have hope that someday whole home media air cleaners will be affordable to most people.

The same way central heating and a/c units became affordable to everyone, after about 32 years on the market. Whole home media air cleaners have only been on the market about 23 years, so with hopes, maybe in about 8 years or less my friend and I will begin to see the price of whole home media air cleaners going down. If no one buys them, or unquestionably little buy them, the companies that make them do not make currency. Once they realize this, they will begin to become more affordable, or they will just stop making them all together if they are too luxurious to manufacture for a lower price sales structure. However, life is unquestionably uncommon this way, but like I said, I do have some bit of hope that whole home media air cleaners will eventually become affordable to the middle class lady like me. In the meantime, I will continue to use portable media air cleaners to keep good air quality in my apartment.
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