He built an HVAC component with legos

We found out when he was 3 that our kid Zed was a genius.

Zed was born with autism, plus though discouraged plus hurt that he could not have an everyday life, Zed proved us wrong, and our kid thrived in university plus was constantly at the top of his class.

When he was 10, Zed became quite interested with HVAC units, especially air conditioner systems. Zed studied a great deal about them plus recommended my wife and I scheduled HVAC maintenance when the components started making odd noises. Whenever the HVAC professionals came to the apartment to maintain or tune up the unit, Zed would ask them a million questions. They were certainly patient with Zed plus constantly answered him in regular HVAC professional language instead of a layman. On his 13th birthday, Zed asked for a box of the latest legos, plus my friend and I obliged since he had been so well in his university plus social life. Zed had made friends plus even joined ping-pong at his university. Zed surprised almost everyone when he created an entire a/c component for one of his class projects, complete with a perfectly done air duct. When it came to Zed’s turn to explain his project, I was stunned to hear our little boy explain the functionality of the air ducts plus the AC filters to help with indoor comfort plus improve air quality. Zed must have found out the actual price of the component when my friend and I replaced it last Springtime. That is when I knew Zed would open an HVAC business plus offer stellar home services when he grew up. That evening, I told my spouse that our young a/c worker should do our next air conditioning system installation.


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