There was an HVAC maintenance job at the police station

My dad used to be a police officer at the local police station. He climbed the ranks right after graduating from the police academy. It is for this reason that I have good respect for law enforcement, I felt thrilled to work at the police station where I grew up seeing my dad work. The station contacted my HVAC business because their HVAC component was making a proper buzz that was interrupting the focus of the officers. The station was different from how I remember it. They had extended it to include more officers plus a few cells to hold offenders while waiting for prosecution. The senior HVAC experts did the air conditioning system installation a few years back, plus my friend Joe and I were still determining whether there had been any air duct cleaning or air duct resealing. The noises would have been from filthy AC filters. We started by checking out the HVAC maintenance logs the station kept. The last tune-up was a year ago, plus the filters were so dirty, as Joe and I thought earlier. We all noticed increased air quality when the HVAC experts cleaned the entire air conditioner system. To help with indoor comfort, the AC workers changed the climate control unit, which had also been acting up. I had nostalgia seeing what used to be my dad’s office. It belonged to lieutenant Hardy, who was the reigning police chief, however not much had changed regarding the office decorations that dad put up. We were at the police station for over 3 hours, plus when my friend and I left, the chief came to meet us as he enjoyed the stellar repair services the station had gained. The chief had heard that my dad was his predecessor so he had come to say hi. It was nice going back there plus seeing our first responders do their best to create a safe working environment for almost everyone.

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