The formation of our home HVAC maintenance business

It all started when my cousin Kim came to my aid after my HVAC component broke down again, the ninth time in two weeks… The HVAC experts had recommended that I buy a new air conditioner plus installation, however I required more funds for that, even after the HVAC business gave me financial assistance.

  • The components were old plus slow, plus I expected it to have issues as my friend and I headed toward the summer.

This year’s Springtime had been humid, forcing myself and others to turn on the central air conditioner plan a bit earlier than the previous year, and my cousin Kim had just moved cities to such a quieter environment, we met up for dinner, plus I was complaining about my AC component when Kim told myself and others about the HVAC industry, as he had been an AC worker for years, but Kim had thought about starting a supplier when he had settled in, plus since I was also interested in providing help with indoor comfort to the community, I gave to partner up, however since I was a local neighborhood resident for almost 3 decades, I would supply my research skills to build our home maintenance business. My friendship with a local realtor bought us a good space downtown. We started the business 3 weeks after. To introduce ourselves to the community, Kim and I had a sale for all our quality HVAC equipment, including HEPA AC filters, control units, plus air ducts. When our buyer base grew, Kim and I expanded our employees to include HVAC professionals, which would broaden our maintenance options. We got on to doing HVAC maintenance which included putting up an air duct plus changing filters to improve the air quality plus indoor comfort. Our supplier is currently ranked among the best in the neighborhood 6 years later.
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