Hot water heater got a workout this morning

Today is Monday and I was in the freezing sea for 15 minutes this morning.

When I got out someone asked me “Estas muy frio?, which means; it’s very cold? I told her “un poco”, which means a little bit.

A lot of people think I am nuts I’m sure, as I go in the sea every morning to wake myself up. I just like feeling alive and going into the cold sea definitely makes you feel alive, unless you stay in too long, in which case you would be dead, which would defeat the purpose of my swims. heating myself up at home with a radiant heater is a good way to warm up after I have taken a hot shower or bath. A radiant heating device is a type of heating system that uses radiant heat to warm up a room or an area. Unlike traditional heating systems, which rely on forced-air or convection currents to distribute heat, radiant heating devices use infrared radiation to directly heat objects and surfaces in the room. There are several types of radiant heating devices, including electric radiant panels, hydronic radiant panels, and infrared heaters. Electric radiant panels use electric resistance to generate heat, while hydronic radiant panels use hot water flowing through pipes to heat up the panels. Infrared heaters use a special type of heating element that emits infrared radiation to directly heat up the objects in the room. Radiant heating devices have several advantages over traditional heating systems. They are more energy-efficient because they don’t rely on moving air to distribute heat, which can result in heat loss. They also provide more consistent and comfortable heat, as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room. Radiant heating devices are also quieter than traditional heating systems, as they don’t use fans or blowers to distribute heat.

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