I accidentally voided my HVAC warranty

I accidentally voided my HVAC warranty by trying to fix it myself.

This was probably one of the dumbest things that I have ever done.

The bad thing about it is that I don’t have anyone to blame it on except for myself. I hate it when I do dumb things, and I really hate it when I cost myself a lot of money. That is exactly what has happened in this case though. I initially bought my HVAC system because it was supposedly one of the best ones out on the market. I thought that it would do really well in my house and that it would give me and my family great indoor air quality for years to come. Well, I think that probably would have ended up being the case for us if I had taken care of the HVAC system the way that I probably should have from the beginning. The paperwork clearly said that I needed to have the HVAC system maintained every six months by a professional heating and cooling company. I was supposed to send in the paperwork for each time they did maintenance so that we could maintain the HVAC warranty. Well, even though the great warranty was one of the main reasons that I bought this particular heating and cooling system in the first place, I neglected to keep up with all of the required maintenance that I was supposed to have done. I ended up voiding the warranty and it was my own fault. Now, I have this great HVAC system but it doesn’t have a warranty on it at all.

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