I’ve been working as a fireplace specialist in an HVAC company

I’ve been working as a fireplace specialist in an HVAC company here in town for the past year or so.

I really enjoy my job, and most of the time I end up working on gas fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are really easy to use and they are very convenient. Many people around here choose gas fireplaces for their homes, and that really keeps me busy at my job! Since gas fireplaces are so easy to use and maintain, though, some people forget that they still need to have them checked out and maintained every once in a while. One of the main parts of my job is performing annual maintenance on residential gas log fireplaces. I’m actually really busy during the summer months because that is the best time of year to service your fireplace. I mean, when it’s hot outside and you’re using the air conditioning all the time, your fireplace is not exactly going to be busy! It’s good to get it serviced when the weather is hot out because when the temperatures cool off again, you will know that your gas fireplace is all safe, clean, and ready to go for the winter. It has been most of my time at work working on maintaining gas fireplaces around town. However, sometimes people have issues with their gas fireplaces and so I go out and help them figure out the problem. Most of the time I just need to repair an issue and get their pilot lights back up and running again. I love being a fireplace specialist in the HVAC company.


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