It's hard to say goodbye to someone you love

Not many of weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to our cat, my pet was entirely seasoned as well as lived a long life, she was actually playful as well as energetic all the way up until the end! When she passed away, I was actually sad as well as depressed, and it was hard to get out of bed.

I had to take some time off from our job at the heating as well as air conditioner service business… There was no way that I could assume about AC repairs or furnace parts when our mind was grieving.

My boss did not assume that the death of our pet was a wonderful reason to take time off of work, however I had getaway as well as sick time saved up as well as there was no way that she could say no. When our getaway time was up, I still was not over the death of our pet so I wanted to take another month off work from the heating as well as air conditioner service business. My boss told me that she was going to find another service lady if I did not come to work. It’s so actually hard to say goodbye to someone that you love, however I finally had to say goodbye as well as go to work. I had to get on with our life as well as that was actually hard. I buried our pet in the backyard. I made sure to put the pet deep into a hole so none of the pets in the village would dig up the bones. I want her to be able to rest in peace.
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