If I want to “flip this house” I need a new HVAC system

About many years ago the House Flipping craze began.

I don’t mean that it was the first time people have bought houses to flip – that has been happening for decades – but when it became popular. To this easily morning there are more than 2 unusual TV shows about people who buy, renovate, & sell old houses. Let myself and others tell you that it seems a lot easier on TV than it is in real life! I have put together a small team of experts who toil with me, & over the years every one of us have gotten pretty fantastic at the process. There are more than 2 people on my team, & Luke is the 1 who specializes in HVAC systems. Every member of my team is valuable, but Luke with his HVAC certification is 1 of my key workers, but before I buy any house I always send my team in first to check for “red flags.” For example, Luke inspects the HVAC plan to make sure it’s still in working condition, or fantastic enough that he can make it work. If Luke finds that the entire HVAC plan is garbage & needs a full replacement, after that I pass on that house… Just appreciate having awful plumbing or a rotten roof, an unUSAble HVAC plan turns a fantastic investment into a money pit. Without Luke’s knowledge in the HVAC industry I might lose a lot of money on certain houses, so his insight is quite valuable. Luke has been bugging myself and others for a raise, & I have to provide it to him because without his HVAC wisdom my team won’t be as strong.

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